Challenge to Sex Segregation in West Virginia Middle School

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Ruthann Robson (CUNY) has posted over at Constitutional Law Profs blog (here) about Doe v. Wood County Board of Education, arguing against sex segregation in a West Virginia middle school.  Here is an excerpt of from Professor Robson’s post:

The complaint alleges not only that the school separates children by gender, but that the educational practices in the sex-segregated classrooms are different.  This is based on teacher-training that posits the differences between children based upon sex.  Girls do not like stress; boys do.  Girls like warmer rooms; boys cooler.  Girls like to be face-to-face; boys learn better in rows.  Girls learn better when their movement is minimized and their rooms are darker; boys “need” to move and have light.

Read the full post here.

-Bridget Crawford

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