Feminist Law Prof Renee Newman Knake as “Legal Rebel”

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Renee Newman Knake (Michigan State) is one of the “legal rebels featured in this month’s ABA Journal magazine.  Here is an excerpt from the profile:

Two years ago, professional responsibility law professor Renee Newman Knake knew she could no longer tout a rewarding and meaningful career in the law. As she saw it, the profession was plagued by wasteful inefficiency, a precipitous market drop, and the inability to serve a growing swath of the U.S. population.

“If I was going to stand up in front of my students and really believe that having a legal degree and a career as a lawyer can be among the most fulfilling career choices a person can make,” says Knake, “I needed to be doing something to make sure that would be true going forward for future generations of lawyers.”

Knake, 39, co-founded and co-directs Michigan State University’s ReInvent Law Laboratory with fellow prof Daniel Martin Katz. “We needed to create a space where we could build an on-the-ground tool for rethinking the ways we deliver legal services, and then train our students and practicing lawyers to do it,” Knake says.

Read the full story here.

Professor Knake’s full bio is here.

And she’s on the cover of the ABA Journal. Cool!

-Bridget Crawford

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