Converge! Re-Imagining the Movement to End Gender Violence

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DUE DATE: Friday, October 18, 2013 (may be extended)

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CONVERGE! Re-imagining the Movement to End Gender Violence, will bring together survivors, activists, and academics from law and social sciences to consider opportunities to focus U.S. priorities in funding, activism, legal responses, and social services in ways that better address the economic, racial and other structural inequalities that create and maintain gender violence. This conference offers a unique combination of strategy exchanges, activist/academic cross-fertilization, and hands-on training, with the overall objective of fostering a transformative agenda for addressing gender violence.

Proposals for Papers & Presentations

We are currently accepting proposals for papers and presentations. Proposals should relate to one or more of the following conference themes:

(1) Structural Inequality and Gender Violence
(2) Re-Imagining Mobilization Against Gender Violence
(3) Alternatives to Criminal Justice Strategies
(4) Reframing Gender Injustice as a Violation of Human Rights
(5) Responding to Retrenchment and Stalemate in Reform Efforts

We will review proposals for their relevance to the conference themes and with an eye towards maintaining a balance between academics and activists presenters and subject matter coverage. We are committed to having a diverse group of presenters, including diversity of race/ethnicity, age, sexuality, gender identity, and ability. We are seeking funding to provide simultaneous translation in Spanish and Creole (two of the most prominently heard languages in south Florida.)

Please note that limited scholarship funding is available for those who are without the means to attend. Please indicate in your submission if your attendance is contingent on receiving scholarship funding. Our working assumption is that academic participants have access to travel funds, but we recognize that this is not always the case. (We are continuing to raise funds and hope to offer more funding. Information is available on the website for those who are interested in contributing to the scholarship fund.)

Submission Requirements

If you are interested in making a presentation, or in organizing a panel, please submit a proposal and email it to Space is limited.

Your submission should be no more than 500 words and should include the following:

1) Your Name & Contact Information

2) Your Organization Affiliation (if any)

3) Indicate information about you (include all that apply):
a. Academic and, if so, in what discipline?
b. Attorney, and if so, what are your areas of practice (if applicable)?
c. Activists, non-lawyer, and if so, what are your areas of focus?
d. Survivor, what areas of work are you involved with?

4) Indicate the kind of presentation in which you are most interested:
a. Individual Presentation (talk) on a Panel (about 15 minutes)
b. Organizing a Panel (60 minutes). Include the names, affiliations and information outlined above for each panel member. Please also indicate that each has agreed to participate if chosen and indicate if the participation for any panel member is contingent on receiving a scholarship. Panel members applying for scholarships must make their own application.
c. Providing a training session or engaging in a strategy sharing session.
d. Leading (or co-leading) a break out discussion

5) Indicate if your participation is contingent on receiving a scholarship. (You must complete a separate scholarship application, available at the website.) Scholarships are limited.

6) Write an abstract that includes the following information:
• title;
• description of your proposal;
• the conference theme(s) your proposal best fits;
• how your talk contributes to the diversity of the conference in terms of social identity, experience, knowledge base, or area of expertise.


Speakers have the opportunity to publish a short essay in the University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review. The Review will also publish edited transcripts of selected panels and presentations. More information regarding publication will be forthcoming. The publication will be available electronically as well as edited podcasts of selected presentations (with the permission of speakers).

Submissions are due Friday, October 18, 2013.


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