National Council for Research on Women’s “Gender Stat”

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From the FLP mailbox, this notice of a research aggregation tool:

The National Council for Research on Women is proud to announce the launch of Gender Stat, a tool that collects statistics on gender equity, annually and by topic. This first installment, Politics 2013, highlights data on women’s political leadership in 2013, along with a few recent papers that explore barriers to women’s greater political participation. It includes several comparisons of regional and global metrics.

More About Gender Stat
  • Provides an annual overview of quantitative data from around the web as we attempt to answer the question, How are things changing on the gender equity landscape? 
  • Highlights research findings from academic, policy, government, and NGO/NPO sources around the web.
  • Links to primary sources for data and analysis to allow readers to explore the numbers more deeply.
  • Over time, it will become a clearinghouse for top-level numbers on where gender equity is progressing and where it is regressing and/or stalled.
  • Topics covered over the next year include: politics, wages and benefits, sexual assault, and poverty.

More info here.

-Bridget Crawford


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