Emory Hiring Announcement

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From the FLP mailbox:

Good news for those interested in the Vulnerability and the Human Condition Initiative! One of Emory Law’s hiring priorities for Fall 2015 is Vulnerability and Law.

Emory Law is doing a search for a scholar interested in vulnerability theory, structural disadvantage and inequality, and social justice generally.  The scholar’s “traditional” subject matter can be anything – health, corporations, family, education, employment, human rights, etc.- the point is that they are using a theoretical approach that considers the implications of human vulnerability and the need to structure a more responsive state through law and regulation. This is an exciting development for the vulnerability approach, which grew out of the work on dependency, care, and social justice undertaken by the Feminism and Legal Theory Project and other feminist organizations and is now embodied in the Vulnerability and Human Condition Initiative at Emory.

Anyone interested should send a CV and email inquiry to Martha Fineman –  mlfinem@emory.edu (chair of the Vulnerability and Law sub-committee).

-Bridget Crawford

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