Harvard Law School Studies Its Grads: 1975 To Date

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Bloomberg BNA is highlighting a new Harvard Law School study of its grads over the past 40 years. Findings? That:

On the one hand, the number of women entering the profession has increased dramatically in recent decades, and women lawyers can now be found in leadership positions in virtually every major legal institution in the country, including three female justices on the United States Supreme Court…

and also that

the percentage of women in these top positions remains far below their representation in the profession, even when adjusted for the fact that women did not begin to enter legal practice in significant numbers until the 1970s. To make matters worse, even women who have achieved important career success appear to be leaving their prestigious positions — and the profession as a whole — in alarming numbers.

Read the entire report, written by David Wilkins, Bryon Fong, and Ronit Dinovitzer, here.

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