Aloni on Ending Tax Breaks for Marriage

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Erez Aloni (Whittier) has published an op-ed in the (UK) Guardian, Married People Tend to be Wealthier, So Why Give Them Tax Breaks?  Here is an excerpt:

If marriage is increasingly the preserve of those who are already better off, we should stop attaching many benefits to the institution. Beyond the issue of marriage as a mechanism for amassing and retaining wealth within a certain segment of the population, marriage’s economic incentives often profit those who are already better off.

The US government is taking very small steps in the right direction. President Obama’s budget deal, signed into law on 2 November, for example, eliminates a social security filing strategy that allowed (typically) upper-middle-class married couples to claim up to $50,000 extra in benefits – a massive tax saving that was not an option for unmarried people.

Read the full piece here.

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