Free Tampons and Pads Coming to NYU

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Via the Washington Square News (here), the student newspaper at New York University:

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Marc Wais said that the university decided to convene a working group of students and staff to propose a pilot program by the end of the semester.
“The working group will be chaired by Dr. Marcy Ferdschneider, Medical Director of the Student Health Center,” Wais said. “The working group will submit its recommendations to me. The university will assess the utilization and success of the pilot over the summer to determine how we move forward in the future.”
He said that this pilot program to provide free menstrual hygiene products to all students will begin in the spring semester at both the Manhattan and Brooklyn campuses. According to the press release, the pilot program recommendations should be submitted to Wais by Friday, Dec. 23.
Gallatin junior Josy Jablons, who has led this fight on campus, said that this decision was finalized at around noon on Thursday, Oct. 20, and this came after several levels of approval.
“It was more ‘overnight’ than you might think,” Jablons said. “Given the three-prong approach of our op-ed, petition and SSC [Student Senators Council] resolution, the administration was forced to take note.”

Will other universities beside Brown and Minnesota soon follow suit?

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