Monash Feminists Now Online

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From Australian colleagues at Monash:

We’re very excited to announce that the Feminist Legal Studies Group at Monash University in Australia now has a webpage. Our blog on that page is coming soon. You can follow us on Twitter at @feminist_law.

We have started producing feminist podcasts, called the Scarlet Letter, led by Dr Azadeh Dastyari and Dr Ronli Sifris. The first 3 episodes are now available on Soundcloud and will be available on ITunes and our website shortly. The RSS feed is here. You can follow the Scarlet Letter on Twitter at @Feminist_pod. First 3 episodes are up already, with three Monash feminist legal scholars discussing their personal and professional approaches to feminism.

We have plans to host a feminist legislation/treaty project (like the feminist judgments projects, only all parliamentary) in 2018-19. We’ll post the call for papers here soon.

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