Antoinette Sedillo Lopez Running for Congress

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Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (Professor Emerita, University of New Mexico School of Law) is running for Congress!

Her official campaign page is here.  The page includes the candidate’s views on a variety of issues including these:

Antoinette believes strongly that women need to be in control of their bodies and their own healthcare decisions. These personal and private decisions are not the government’s business. She will fight to protect a woman’s right to health care services, including access to critical preventative care services like mammograms and ovarian cancer screenings, access to clean and safe abortion care, and access to contraceptives. In addition to ensuring birth control coverage and access to safe abortion services, Antoinette will fight pregnancy discrimination that too often is forgotten as an essential part of reproductive freedom.

Professor Sedillo Lopez is a long-time teacher of Women and the Law at UNM, and many in the academy know her through the AALS or other conferences.

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