Welcome to the Blogroll, University of Detroit Mercy Feminist Law Profs

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A group of seven ten faculty members from University of Detroit Mercy School of Law have recently joined the FLP blogroll.  Welcome to:

They join long-time Detroit Mercy blogroll members Julia Belian and Julie St. John.

Any self-identified feminist law professor (whatever that means to you) is welcome to join the blogroll.  I know (because I have received emails from people all over the country) that students and staff use the blogroll to identify faculty members who will be open to certain perspectives. Detroit Mercy now has a generous list of feminist law profs on whom students can rely.

If you want to join the blogroll, feel free to email me.  It doesn’t commit you to doing anything other than having your name listed. (You don’t have to write a blog post, but are welcome to anytime!).

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