Funny/Not Funny Parody of Non-Disclosure Agreement in Sexual Harassment Cases

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Feminist law prof Yxta Maya Murray (Loyola-LA) has published with the LA Review of Books a “Leaked Non-Disclosure Agreement Between [Name Redacted] and [Name Redacted] International.” Here is an excerpt:

Professor Yxta Maya Murray

The Releasee understands that the Releasor may disclose via screaming in a stall of the Releasee’s Women’s Restroom, half-articulate yet still overhearable crying to her mother on her iPhone, self-medicatingly drunken texting to a college friend, horrifyingly detailed complaint-making to a journalist, and/or engaging in other forms of post-traumatic candor that must be suppressed through legally binding mechanisms as soon as possible, information relating to an alleged sexual assault, which the Releasee does not admit occurred, and never really happened, but which may have been performed upon the Releasor’s person in a hotel room during an ill-advised “meeting” that an employee of the Releasee, hereinafter referred to as “the Rainmaking Partner,” held with her in order to hammer out details about his wealth, maleness, social status, and consequent license to socialize in a lively manner with female subordinates, and which is hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information.”

Read the full piece here. It’s very good.

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