@SheWritesToLive on “Why I’m Giving Up on Intersectionality”

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In Quartzy (a “weekly dispatch about living well in the global economy”) over at QZ.com, contributing writer Tamela J. Gordon has an essay entitled, Why I’m Giving Up on Intersectional Feminism. Here is an excerpt:

As time progressed, any hope that intersectional feminism would be this magical path to racial and cultural harmony between white women and non-white women disappeared. Despite the legion of spaces dedicated to intersectionalism—including my own book club, it always seemed that every environment was divided by race. I know what sisterhood is and I know what white women think sisterhood is; they got it all wrong.

Deep down inside I knew what the problem was, I just didn’t have the heart to admit it. Intersectional feminism doesn’t mean anything if white women still struggle to support and advocate for those who’s identities cross intersections that are foreign to theirs.

The full article is available here.  You can follow Tamela Gordon on Twitter @SheWritesToLive.

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