The Cyptocurrency Gender Gap

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Ms. Magazine has the details here.  I can’t say I’m surprised at the stats.  Apart from whether cryptocurrency is a good/bad investment (and maybe women have figured out what isn’t great about it….), there are significant business opportunities that require fluency with electronic currency concepts and operations.

Long story short: attorneys, bankers, business advisors, entrepreneurs of all genders should get up to speed on on this rapidly-changing field.

I am aware of groups like Women4Blockchain and CryptoChicks that hold events with female professionals as their target audiences. Women4Blockchain is holding a “Hackathon & Conference” in a few weeks at NYU, for anyone in the New York area. It’s being billed as “The first blockchain hackathon combining business, legal, and technical minds.” Hard to evaluate the veracity of that claim, but it looks like a worthwhile program.

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