#Tampon #Tax Back in Tanzania

From Agence France Presse:

A decision by Tanzania’s government to reintroduce a tax on sanitary pads and tampons has angered women in the country, with one activist on Sunday saying it would have “heavy consequences” for women.
Taxes on female sanitary products — which are basic necessities — have come under increasing scrutiny across the globe, and Tanzania in 2018 decided to join those nations scrapping Value Added Tax on pads and tampons.
However the tax was re-introduced during the unveiling of this year’s budget last week.
Finance Minister Philip Mpango said removing the tax was counter-productive, as retailers had not lowered their prices.
The full story is here.
When the government needs more money, it (re)imposes a tax on a product that is  inextricably linked to biological sex. If that’s not discrimination, what is?
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