Forbes post on Gender and COVID-19

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Quoting Joan Meier (GW) and Naomi Schoenbaum (GW):

With schools and day care centers closed, there’s increasing concern about the impact on women. Lauren Hall, who is involved in running various Facebook groups with other mothers, told me “it’s clear that most of the women working from home now due to COVID are taking on more childcare responsibilities and have a much harder time getting away from the kids and housekeeping type responsibilities than do their spouses.”

Even if both parents work full-time, women have now become “the chief operating officers of their households.” And, as a national poll shows, women are more likely than men to say their lives have been disrupted because of the coronavirus.

Plus, women are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic because they constitute almost 80% of health care workers in the U.S.

But, according to a new paper, the long-term effects of COVID-19 on women may be more complicated.–covid-19/#1dbd833f7030

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