Call For Nominations: WILIG Scholarship Prize

The WILIG Scholarship Prize aims to highlight and promote excellence in international law scholarship involving women and girls, gender, and feminist approaches. Although scholars have utilized gender and feminist analyses in international law for at least a quarter of a century, such approaches frequently fail to permeate the mainstream of international legal scholarship and practice. This prize, awarded every two years, recognizes innovative contributions to international law scholarship that theorize or utilize a feminist lens or lenses, highlight and seek to address topics disproportionately affecting women and girls, or consider the impact of international law or policy on gender more broadly.

The 2020-2021 Inaugural Scholarship Prize Committee is composed of Lori Damrosch (Columbia Law School), Adrien Wing (University of Iowa College of Law), Viviana Krsticevic (Center for Justice and International Law), and WILIG Co-Chairs Nienke Grossman (University of Baltimore School of Law) and Milena Sterio (Cleveland-Marshall College of Law).

WILIG’s Scholarship Prize Committee invites ASIL members to submit a single article, chapter, or book published in the last three years, for consideration. Self-nomination is welcome, as is nomination of others. The Committee will consider the following criteria in granting the award, and encourages nominators to include a brief cover letter describing how the submitted work meets these criteria:

(1) Appropriate Substance. The work utilizes a feminist lens or lenses, addresses a topic that disproportionately affects women and girls, or considers the impact of international law or policy on gender more broadly.
(2) Innovative. The work addresses topics not covered by previous scholars, highlights diverse perspectives on law and policy, uses new theoretical or methodological approaches, or applies theoretical or methodological approaches to topics in new ways.
(3) Learned. The work demonstrates in-depth knowledge and expertise concerning a topic.
(4) Impactful. The work has affected or has the potential to affect the way scholars and policy-makers view or address a particular topic or issue going forward.

Please email your cover letter and scholarly work to Laurie Schnitzer, at, with the subject line “WILIG Scholarship Prize Submission” by June 15, 2020. Questions about the prize can be emailed to Also, the call for nominations has also been posted on the WILIG website. Please feel free to forward this announcement to others in your networks who may be interested.

The first WILIG Scholarship Prize will be awarded at the WILIG Luncheon at the 2021 ASIL Annual Meeting.


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