New Class Action to Tampon Tax in Michigan

In case you missed it, there is a new lawsuit challenging the Michigan state sales tax on menstrual products. The Detroit News has a story (here).

Emily Beggs, Clare Pfeiffer and Wei Ho are seeking class action status on behalf of all Michigan women paying the “tampon tax” and demanding a refund with interest of the sales and use taxes paid by women for menstrual products over the last four years. They estimate the class of women paying the tax has about 2.4 million people.

“The Constitution is clear: It’s a discriminatory tax,” said Joanne Faycurry, a lawyer representing the women for free in the suit. 

“For the government to impose a burden on a product that women must use, it’s a tax on women for being women,” she said. 

Read more here.

There are already bills pending in the Michigan legislature that could eliminate the tax. Lawyers at Period Equity are leading the charge.


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