The SPOT Period: Philadelphia Non-Profit’s “Menstrual Hub” Addresses Period Poverty — It’s an Actual Building!

portrait of Ms. Lynette Medley

image: Ms. Lynette Medley image source:

In February, 2021, the nonprofit organization No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit, Inc., founded by Lynette Medley, opened The SPOT Period, a physical gathering place that offers free menstrual products, menstruation-related counseling and education, a computer lab with three machines. 

The SPOT Period also has a “Breonna Taylor Safe Room,” a decompression space “because we understand being Black female in America isn’t the most safe identity,” as Ms. Medley told the Billy Penn daily newsletter (here). The SPOT Period also provides community members who need it access to toilets and running water at its building on Germantown Avenue.

Ms. Medley is the originator of the hashtag #blackgirlsbleed and her organization received a special resolution from Philadelphia Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker for its work against menstrual stigma (see here).

The SPOT Period has a gofundme campaign here to help support its work. Ms. Medley’s Twitter account @lynette_medley provides valuable updates on the work The SPOT Period, period poverty activism and menstrual equity issues.

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