Findings from the “State of the Period 2021” Report

Thinx and PERIOD, a non-profit menstrual equity organization, has issued its State of the Period 2021 report. This follows up on a similar report issued in 2019. Here are some salient findings, all of which are direct quotes from the report:

  • 23% of students have struggled to afford period products.
  • 82% of students agree that if there is free toilet paper in bathrooms, there should be free menstrual products, and 84% think menstrual products are just as important as toilet paper or soap in public bathrooms.
  • 58% of students are negatively affected by negative associations with periods.
  • 76% are taught more about the biology of frogs than the human female body in school.
  • 42% say their health teacher appears to be uncomfortable discussing menstruation — up 5 points since 2019.

Read the full report here.

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