Menopause and the Law: 3 Forthcoming Articles Exploring Intersections of Gender, Age, Disability

Emily Gold Waldman (Pace), Naomi Cahn (UVA) and I have just posted to SSRN three working papers on menopause and the law. We had so much to say that we needed three articles to do it! Here they are:

Harvard JL&G LogoContextualizing Menopause and the Law, forthcoming in the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender – an analysis of menopause in the broader context of the socio-legal treatment of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menstruation, arguing that the law should move beyond individual one-off accommodations for “abnormal” manifestations of these conditions and instead recognize the broad spectrum of what can be considered “normal” experiences

Wash U Law Review LogoWorking Through Menopause, forthcoming in the Washington University Law Review – situates menopause in U.S. equality jurisprudence broadly and suggests a place for menopause in employment law in particular. We articulate a normative vision for menopause equity in the workplace and suggests possible pathways for achieving it.

U Chicago Legal Forum LogoManaging and Monitoring the Menopausal Body, forthcoming in the University of Chicago Legal Forum – a look at menopause hormone therapy, menopause apps and other digital technologies, with a critique of “menopause capitalism.” We define (and critique) that as the marketing and selling of menopause-related products through messages that celebrate autonomy, community, or femininity by businesses that are, at their core, commercial enterprises.

Each article in the trio has one of our names first, second, third, reflecting the joint efforts.

We would be glad for any and all feedback!


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