What Questions Law Review Editors Ask Peer Reviewers

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I’ve been asked twice in the last two submission cycles to provide an “external peer review” for a law journal where many of us would be thrilled to publish. 

I’ve noticed some similarities in the questions I’ve been asked each time. I pass them along here in generic form.  Many of us wonder what happens when our submissions go out for review.  Here’s a slice of insight:

  1. Is the Article’s account of the X [the state of the law/the development of the law] accurate and thorough?
  2. Does the Article’s discussion of Y [interesting particular problem/question/focus that the author has] make a significant contribution to the scholarship in the field?
  3. Is the Article’s evaluation of the problem identified by the author compelling compelling?
  4. Does the Article make a persuasive case for adopting the normative solution the author advances?

These are good questions that could also help students who might be assigned to read a law review article for a class, among other scenarios.

Sharing this info FWIW!

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