Fellowships at the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies at Osgoode


Osgoode’s IFLS is accepting fellowship applications for the 2022-23 academic year.

This fellowship supports the work of young and mid-career scholars from around the world by providing an intellectual community, shared physical space (for those candidates who choose to visit Osgoode in-person), academic engagement with research presentations, access to York libraries, and under certain circumstances modest financial support for very specific research projects conducted during the fellowship stint.  Such financial support requires a separate application during the fellowship.  Fellowship time is flexible, ranging from a month to a full semester and could be virtual or in-person depending on the candidates’ preference.

The fellowship is open to scholars working in the areas of law, feminism and public policy, broadly interpreted.  Fellows are expected to finish or make significant progress on an existing research project toward publication and make an academic presentation during their time at Osgoode.  Fellows are also expected to participate actively in the Institute’s events.  Researchers interested in feminism and disability and women and property are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application deadline is July 15, 2022 and the form could be found HEREQuestions may be directed to Ms. Lielle Gonsalves at lgonsalves@osgoode.yorku.ca.  

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