20% Discount On all US Feminist Judgments Books

Cambridge University Press is offering a 20% discount on all titles in the US Feminist Judgments Series. Use the code Fem23 at Cambridge.org. 

Here are all the published titles in the series:

Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court

Edited by Kathryn M. Stanchi, Linda L. Berger, Bridget J. Crawford


Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Tax Opinions

Edited by Bridget J. Crawford, Anthony C. Infanti


Feminist Judgments: Reproductive Justice Rewritten

Edited by Kimberly M. Mutcherson


Feminist Judgments: Family Law Opinions Rewritten

Edited by Rachel Rebouché


Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Trusts and Estates Opinions

Edited by Deborah S. Gordon, Browne C. Lewis, Carla Spivack


Feminist Judgments:Rewritten Employment Discrimination Opinions

Edited by Ann C. McGinley, Nicole Buonocore Porter


Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Tort Opinions

Edited by Martha Chamallas, Lucinda M. Finley


Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Property Opinions

Edited by Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod, Elena Maria Marty-Nelson


Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Criminal Law Opinions

Edited by Bennett Capers, Sarah Deer, Corey Rayburn Yung


Feminist Judgments: Corporate Law Rewritten

Edited by Anne M. Choike, Usha R. Rodrigues, Kelli Alces Williams


Feminist Judgments: Health Law Rewritten

Edited by Seema Mohapatra, Lindsay Wiley


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