Mocking Sexism or Mocking Feminism?

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The text in both ads (for Eram, a French shoe company) says (more or less):”No women’s bodies were exploited in this ad.”

Via Sociological Images.

ETA: Thoughtful response here.

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  3. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    likely old, due to the pricing expressed in francs. perhaps they’ve evolved since the onset of the euro. hopeful.

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    Could be I guess. According to this site, women’s bodies are being used now!

    “Women’s Wear Daily noted that Eram featured two women who were wearing little clothing “falling” into each other’s arms near a bed.

    The ambiguous tagline reads, “Les Chausseurs Sont de Ch…” which translates to “The Shoes are Ch…” and opens up possibilities to complete the sentence, including the French word “chaud,” which can mean temperature (sexually), or “cher(e)” which mean dear (as in dear to one’s heart), or it could be “cherché,” meaning sought, “chair” which means “fleshy,” or simply “cher,” as in expensive.

    WWD reported that Eram said “its ads were not created to shock but rather to poke fun at the ‘porno-chic’ coming in many of today’s luxury goods campaigns.””

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