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From the FLP Mailbox:

As we’re gearing up for the new Administration and the new session of Congress, I wanted to share with you the National Women’s Law Center’s resources on some of the issues that are likely to be big priorities this January and beyond, in case they’re useful to you.

We’ve created a Platform for Progress that includes concrete proposals to address the unmet needs of women and their families in the areas of education, employment, basic economic security, health, and legal rights. It’s up here.

In their first few days, President Obama and the new Congress will have the opportunity to take two key steps : passing pay equity legislation and enacting an economic recovery package that meets the needs of women and families : to signal our country’s renewed commitment to fairness, equality, and opportunity for women. More details on these two steps are up on our website here.

We also recently released a fact sheet on why child care is essential to our nation’s economic recovery.

And this video blog post by NWLC’s Helen Blank has more on child care and economic recovery.

More resources on how economic recovery can meet the needs of women and families are on our website here.

Plus, our recent polling data shows that women feel the impact of economic insecurity and rising food, energy, education, and health care costs more deeply than men, and see government as a key to the solution. The poll findings are up here.

And now that the Bush Administration’s HHS Department has finalized a regulation that puts women’s health and lives at serious risk, we’re calling on President-Elect Obama to repeal the rule. Our analysis of the HHS rule is here.

And more resources on the rule are up here.

For background, here’s an L.A. Times article on the rule.

— Mary Robbins
Communications Program Assistant
National Women’s Law Center

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