The Comments to the U of Chicago Law School’s Faculty Blog Post About Its New Comments Policy Were So Abusive, Comments Had To Be Closed.

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I kid you not:

Comments on this post have been disallowed, and previous comments removed. It has become clear that the Law School’s initial decision to err on the side of leniency, and to expect our readers to adhere not only to the letter of the newly adopted comments policy but to its spirit as well, has led to escalation of the very problem this policy sought to prevent. Disagreements with intellectual positions continue to be encouraged, so long as they are expressed in civil terms; ad hominem attacks, however politely phrased, will not be tolerated.

Here’s a reminder about the comments policy here: This blog is by and for feminist law professors. Everybody in the blog roll can comment as they like. All other comments are moderated with a very heavy hand.

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