Again with the lies and mischaracterizations regarding the Ms. cover…

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In response to this ridiculous crap, (see also) I posted the comment below, which may or may not make it through moderation over there:


I am not a PUMA. I agree with the PUMA goal of calling out sexism thrown at women in politics regardless of whether the women are Democrats or Republicans. I did not support Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. I donated money to Barack Obama, I hosted Obama campaign workers IN MY HOME leading up to the South Carolina Dem Primary, I did both canvassing and voter protection work for the Obama campaign in the primaries and the general election. I can document all of this.

My concern about the Ms. cover is that it is divisive, and seems designed to spite the 18 million people who, unlike me, voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Obama and Clinton have mended fences. It’s time the rest of us did. Ms. editors seem to be making trouble to get publicity, and folks like [Megan at Jezebel] are serving them well.


I’ve promoted Ms. magazine on this blog in the past, but I’m not sure I will again. It’s a small blog and Ms. probably doesn’t care one way or another, but I do.   Not sure why Megan at Jezebel wants to fan the flames of controversy so desperately, perhaps someone can advise.

–Ann Bartow

ETA: FWIW I posted this at the New Agenda blog last December 16th.

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  3. fourthwave says:

    Honestly, Ann, I think it’s Megan over at Jezebel who has her knickers in a twist. Where does she get off telling certain feminists to shut the fuck up! Argh.

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    I don’t care if she disagrees with me about the Ms. cover, what I don’t get is the magnitude of the anger and hostility, the HOW! DARE! I! CRITICIZE! MS.! I! MUST! BE! A! PUMA! AND! LYING! ABOUT! IT! tone of her posts. Oh well, looks like she has moved on to a fairly decent take down of a very stupid (is there any other kind) Men’s Health article: