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That’s the name of this post at What Tami Said, a blog I like a lot. Tami is a talented writer and her posts are always interesting. Here’s a short except from “Jaded“:

Women’s equality, I think, is best achieved–not through a feminist movement, but through feminist movements comprised of coalitions of women working toward their unique goals. Maybe that’s the way it has always been. Come to think of it, I’m sure this is the way it has always been. All different kinds of women doing their thing in their communities. It is the larger society, with its skewed notions of who is most important,  and (sometimes) recognized feminist leaders, who have absorbed those skewed notions, that have assigned a “face” to feminism that is not mine and may not be yours. But, in truth,  feminism is not one face, but  faces. We should all remember that.

–Ann Bartow

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