May the Female Force Be With You

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Caroline Kennedy and Barbara Walters are the new stars of two “biography comics” in the “Female Force” series published by Bluewater Productions.

From the Bluewater website (here):

Female Force offers a broad examination of influential women from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. Past issues include Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleeza Rice and Princess Diana.

Also in stores on Wednesday is the new covers for the 3rd printings of “Female Force” Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and 2nd printing of Michelle Obama called “Night at the White House.”

These probably won’t be at the top of my summer reading list, but it’s cool to know this series exists.   Surely some lawyer-turned-cartoon-artist will create a spin-off series — “Female Force: Deans’ Edition” featuring Martha Minow.

-Bridget Crawford

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