Bummin’ Brooklyn Style (or Why Minor League Baseball Doesn’t Need Cheerleaders)

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photo credit: Brooklyn Cyclones

Baseball has been back in Brooklyn since 2001 when the Brooklyn Cyclones landed in Coney Island.  The team is popular; the stadium is human-scale; the players are friendly to the many kids in attendance.  I enjoyed tonight’s game, but I could do without the Beach Bums, the team’s “cheerleading” squad, pictured above.  I suppose their uniforms could be worse —  1970’s short shorts, flesh-colored fishnet stockings and Converse low-tops have a certain charm.

Unfortunately, the cheerleaders were utterly ineffective in leading cheers.  Only when a male pep squad member came along (alas, no short-shorts, no fishnets, no Converse) did the crowd seem to respond to the pleas for the ritual chant, “Let’s go, Cy-clones!”

To me, the Beach Bums were visual noise that I had to block out to better see the game, but then again, I probably don’t represent the target demographic for the hair  flipping and bum  shaking.

Oh well.  At least they wore comfy shoes.  And Brooklyn won 4-3.

-Bridget Crawford

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1 Response to Bummin’ Brooklyn Style (or Why Minor League Baseball Doesn’t Need Cheerleaders)

  1. anthony0358 says:

    I strongly disagree with you. This group of cheerleaders was added in 2003 to assist the head male cheerleader. They are the first people to greet ticketholders who enter the park. The last ones to see you when you leave. During the 5th inning they assist the children in the “Dugout Dance”. This group of women hold a dance clinic each year to introduce younger girls to the art of Dance. They also make appearances for the organization in the community.
    They are a important part of the in game experience.

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