Where are the Women? Among “Law Stories” Editors

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Law Stories is a 30-strong (and growing) volume series published by Foundation Press   and edited by Paul Caron, the Charles Harstock Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty at the University of Cincinnati College of Law.   Each “Stories” volume has its own editors (Paul is the series editor).  

Many of us are familiar with the Law Stories series.   For my  courses, some of my favorite supplemental teaching material comes from the  Tax Stories volume.   There are 50 volume editors in the total series (some volumes have more than one editor).   What a nice surpise to learn that of  all volume editors, 62% (31 out of 50) are male; 38% (19 out of 50) are  female.    

According to the 2007-2008 AALS Directory of Law Teachers, 62.7% of all faculty members are male and 36.9% are female.  

Gender proportionality among the Law Stories series editors!   That’s a bit of pleasant news after a series of rather depressing  observations about women’s representation among authors and speakers in other legal academic arenas.

-Bridget Crawford

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