Initial Report from AALS 2011 Workshop on “Women Rethinking Equality”

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The AALS’s 2011 Workshop on “Women Rethinking Equality” is underway at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.  For a quick look at the conference program, see here.

There are 172 people pre-registered for the conference.  The program has two target audiences, as explained by Kathryn Abrams (Berkeley) in the “Welcome,” taken from the conference materials:

Our title “Women Rethinking Equality” refers to two overlapping groups, who form the inspiration and the constituency for this conference.  The first group — which includes men as well as women — comprises those scholars and activists whose work addresses inequality on the basis of gender, including but not limited to women’s inequality.  The second group consists of women with many different scholarly specialties, who have sought to respond to the inequalities that confront women in American law schools.

There was a program this morning on “The Workplace as a Site of Gender (In)Equality.”  The conference closes tomorrow with a program on “Reshaping Institutions,” meant to examine women’s positions in the legal academy.

More to follow!

-Bridget Crawford

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