Women Reproducing Inequality? Plenary Speakers at AALS Meeting

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At the AALS Workshop on Women Rethinking Equality, there are 6 plenary sessions. The chart below lists each session’s title, speakers and moderator.  The participant’s home institution is listed next to his or her name.  To the right of the participant’s school is a number indicating the rank of the participant’s home institution, according to the 2011 US News survey (issued in 2010 — it’s the one I happen to have handy on my computer).

Plenary 1: “The Unfinished Business of Women’s Equality in Legal Education”
Rachel Moran UCLA 15
Cynthia E. Nance Arkansas 86
Juan F. Perea Florida 47
Camille Gear Rich USC 18
Elizabeth Nowicki (moderator) Tulane 48
Plenary 2: The Workplace as a Site of Gender (In)Equality
Catherine R. Albiston Berkeley 7
Victoria L. Bescoll Yale School of Management N/A
Kimberly D. Krawiec Duke 11
Vicki Schultz Yale 1
Joan C. Williams Hastings 42
Tanya Kateri Hernandez (moderator) Fordham 34
Plenary 3: Meanings and Contexts of Gender Equality
Martha E. Chamallas Ohio State 34
Brenda Cossman Toronto N/A
Katherine F. Franke Columbia 4
Angela P. Harris Davis 28
Reva B. Siegel Yale 1
Judith Resnik (moderator) Yale 1
Plenary 4: Women as Scholars
Anita L. Allen Penn 7
Lolita Buckner Inniss Cleveland-Marshall T3
Bridget Crawford Pace T3
Sonia K. Katyal Fordham 34
Nancy Levit UMKC T3
Martha T. McCluskey Buffalo T3
Roberta Romano Yale 1
Stephanie Wildman (moderator) Santa Clara 93
Plenary 5: Women as Teachers, Gender in the Classroom
Margalynne J. Armstrong Santa Clara 93
Tucker Culbertson Syracuse 86
Kamille N. Wolf Texas Southern T4
Lisa R. Pruitt (moderator) Davis 28
Plenary 6: Reshaping Institutions
Jennifer M. Chacon Irvine N/A
Aya Gruber Colorado 38
Xuan-Thao Nguyen SMU 48
Catherine E. Smith Denver 80
Phoebe A. Haddon (moderator) Maryland 48

By my count, there are 28 plenary speakers and 6 plenary-session moderators.  Of these 34 plenary participants, twenty-one come from so-called “Tier 1” law schools.  Five come from so-called “Tier 2” schools (i.e., those ranked 50 to 100).  Five come from schools further down the ranking totem pole.  1 is from outside the legal academy.  1 is from a school (Irvine) that was not ranked in the 2011 survey.  1 is from a Canadian school.

Of the plenary participants, some are also presenting papers in a second conference appearance in two days.  Many of the moderators are also commenting on papers in breakout sessions, in addition to their plenary moderation duties, thus also serving in two formal roles at the conference over two days.

Of the six members of the Planning Committee for the Workshop, five come from so-called “Tier 1” schools.  One comes from a so-called “Tier 2” school.

-Bridget Crawford

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