Launch of The Legal Accountability Project by @AlizaShatzman & Matthew Goodman

Aliza Shatzman (JD 2019, Wash U Law) and Matthew Goodman (JD 2019, Wash U Law) have announced the launch of The Legal Accountability Project. Here is a description of the non-profit’s aims:

The Legal Accountability Project’s goal is to ensure that as many law clerks as possible have positive clerkship experiences, while extending support and resources to those who do not. Through data collection, analysis, programming, and partnerships with law schools and other stakeholders, we intend to quantify the scope of harassment, discrimination, and diversity issues in the courts, and use the results of our research to craft effective solutions.

Here is the launch video:

One of the group’s initiatives is partnering with law school affinity groups on programming related to harassment in the judiciary. The group aims “to combat the toxic culture of silence in the legal community that discourages law clerk reporting.”

Anyone interested in getting in touch with The Legal Accountability Project can do so here, through the webpage.

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