What are the “Most Important and Discussed Feminist Issues Currently”?

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On a Women’s Studies listserv, one poster recently asked for subscribers’ thoughts on “the most important and discussed feminist issues currently.” Writer Katha Pollitt responded  as follows (reprinted with permission):

I think the major feminist issues are the same as always: repro rights and justice, male violence  and coercion (rape, assault, dv, murder, sexual harassment) and the failure of society to take them seriously, poverty, domestic inequality,  lack of adequate and respectful health care, affordable childcare,  lack of pay equity and the many ways women are  sidelined at work, lack of political representation, impoverishment of  women in old age, misogynist pop culture, including misogynistic pornography.

An important reminder to many of us that the more things change, the more things stay the same, for sure.

-Bridget Crawford

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